It’s Clean-Slate Week!

  • A new year, a fresh start . . . This is the best time of the whole year to intentionally let go of every emotional albatross that’s been holding you back! Many of my students come into Juicy Joy training with a troubled childhood story they’re carrying around like a sack of gravel. Great gains can come from recognizing the factors that led us to create our world-views, but the recognition itself is worthless unless we take active steps to rewire our early programming.

    Each of us has many, many factors contributing to our own unique perspective on the world and our place in it, as well as many reasons for our subconscious tendencies to limit our own enjoyment of our successes and blessings. But for people who have suffered childhood abuse (emotional, verbal, or physical) it’s safe to assume that’s a major contributor to their feelings of unworthiness.

    If I’m talking to you, let’s try a smidge of inner-child/re-parenting work to see if we can shake loose a bit of that harmful childhood program . . .

    (Find this exercise and the rest of this article at Aspire Magazine.)

    Happy end of 2011! Happy new beginnings!

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