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Lisa McCourt, Author


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About the book:

Juicy Joy Ė 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self is a penetrating exploration into your authentic core being. Itís an instruction manual for peeling away layer after layer of the stifling masks youíve accumulated over your true, glorious essence. When you get savvy to these masks, you can deliberately observe them with curiosity; even with awe and admiration at their strength and cleverness. You can be amused by them. And from that vantage point you will realize that you are their creator and sovereign master . . . and wearing the masks or removing them is entirely your choice.

Developing a compass for Juicy Joy and learning how to follow it guarantees a life that is rich, real, and powerfully satisfying, and launches you into an enduring love affair with your biggest, gutsiest, most authentic self.


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Readers are saying . . .


Maureen - 06/21/2010

Lisa McCourt is the real deal. She exudes a kind of honesty and energy that can only be seen in folks who are truly at ease in their own skin. She is a rare talent who possesses a deep and abiding desire to share her feelings and talents with those around her. I say, if Lisa McCourt wrote it - whether a self-help, children's book or humorous reflection - do yourself a favor and read it! You won't be sorry.


Tanya - 06/07/2010

All I can say is "Wow" you did it again... I truly enjoyed your childrenís books as did my girls. I read your sample chapter and all I can say is you have a gift. Looking forward to reading the rest.


Bettye - 06/09/2010

Lisa, you have an amazing gift to share with the world. I hope you get the chance to do it.


Honey - 06/15/2010

I think the work you're doing is really valuable!! You go, girl!!


Judy - 06/16/2010

You share so beautifully, shine on heart buddy...


Stuart - 06/16/2010

You just sparkle!


Beth - 06/18/2010

spinach in your teeth! love it!


Kimberly - 06/21/2010

YOU are the next top spiritual author, Lisa!!! Keep shining your light my do it really, really well!


Roy - 06/21/2010

In honor of my favorite author!


Cecil - 06/21/2010

Thanks for helping me in a tough time with your wise-ness.


Angela - 06/22/2010

I can't wait to read more of Juicy Joy ... what a gift to bring to the world, bring it on my friend!


Rita - 06/23/2010

You are the very best at what you do!!


Laura - 06/27/2010

Can't wait to read the book. Loved your parenting books.


Donna - 06/27/2010

I enjoyed your video piece and will buy your book, too. Many abundant blessings are sent your way.


Concetta M - 06/27/2010

You are "second to none" Lisa!!! Much continued success!!!


Jennifer - 06/27/2010

LOVED your sample chapter! I can't wait to hold this book in my hands.


Sanjay - 06/27/2010

A great concept!!!


MaryRose - 06/28/2010

Just looking at you I feel the JUICY JOY! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. It IS your time to shine. 




Dream loudly. Your spirit wants to bellydance. Unleash your Juicy Joy.

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