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Vibrant, sustainable, daily joy is a not a myth or an elusive fantasy to be chased. It’s simply a skill that most of us haven’t taken the time to learn. Juicy Joy is the brilliantly simple recipe for a life of radical authenticity!

If you’re reading Juicy Joy — 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self, you’ll find the accompanying JuicyFeel audio files by clicking here. If you’ve arrived here without the book, I suggest you start reading Juicy Joy before downloading these audio files. They won’t make much sense to you without the book! 



“Lisa McCourt delivers just what the world needs, a great big juicy dose of love and authenticity. In Juicy Joy, you’ll learn the simple, essential steps you need to take to transform your world in the here and now. If you want a life of peace, purpose and breathtaking bliss, then listen to Lisa.”   – Debra Snyder, author of Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart

“Lisa McCourt doesn’t just write about Juicy Joy—she radiates it in her words as she lovingly leads us on a journey to create a satisfying life, full of joy and love. Lisa gently identifies the blocks that keep us from finding our Juicy Joy and shows us that by taking the small actionable steps she lays out, we can change our path. Lisa McCourt’s spirit is Juicy Joy!”   – Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of Nice Girls Can Finish First and How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways

“Where to start? There can’t possibly be enough space available to tell you about my experience with Juicy Joy. Having studied “woo woo” for the past six years, doing affirmations, projecting positive thoughts until it hurt and never quite achieving the results I had hoped for, I became frustrated and to be honest – a bit angry at the Universe. I finally broke and instead of my daily affirmations, I railed at God/Universe and I begged for guidance in how to manifest my desires. I have to tell you that NO book has ever changed my life the way Juicy Joy has! Tears were streaming down my face before I even began the first chapter. Finally, someone was going to provide the means to deal with negativity, something sorely lacking in ALL of the self-development books I had studied over the years. It was as though a dear friend had looked into my mind, my heart, my soul and knew exactly what I needed to FINALLY manifest my dreams.” — Gia Reed, editor of Evolution Ezine

“Thank you Lisa McCourt! Much of what I hadn’t understood about my life is delineated in this one book. I dove in and soon found myself held captive by her sincerity and passion throughout the seven steps. The writing and feeling exercises in the first four steps took me deep into experiences that no longer serve me well; while the last three steps created positive initiatives to replace the negatives I dismantled in the first four steps. McCourt’s life of studying and experiencing the human condition has been poured into this book for the benefit of the reader. Chock full of antidotes, compassion and real life moxie, this book has quickly become a reference manual for how to navigate my life.”   — Asia Voight, author and animal communicator

“If you buy only one self-development book this year, Juicy Joy is the one to buy! Within the first few chapters you will feel as though a dear friend has looked into your mind, heart and soul and given you the keys to the kingdom! Whether you have been studying ‘woo-woo’ (as Lisa calls it) valiantly for years, can meditate your socks off and outline the Law of Attraction in detail to anyone who will listen, or you are a newbie to self-enlightenment and personal energy, Juicy Joy will become your Holy Grail! Yes, yes we all know that sending out negative energy brings back — you guessed it — negative energy! So what do we do with negative thoughts and feelings then? Lisa helps you to realize that these emotions are part of us, an important part, and she gives you the means to deal with them effectively. Through the Seven Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self you will deconstruct and then reconstruct your life. You will be filled with the self-knowledge and self-love needed to create the wonderfully authentic life you deserve. Lisa will take your hand and guide you as you travel to those dark recesses of your mind and shine the light of forgiveness and acceptance where you need it most. It’s not an easy journey, but the rewards are miraculous! Let’s face it, the reality is that if our lives are not what we want them to be, ultimately it’s because we don’t REALLY feel like we deserve Juicy Joy. We don’t love ourselves enough, imperfect as we are, to receive the wonderful miracles that are waiting for us. Lisa helps us to sweep up the dirt, clear the cobwebs and get the renovation started! Lisa states, ‘Once you’ve brought the truest you out into the light, you’ll learn to fall so madly in love with that glorious creature that you will never feel the need to hide it again. You’ll feel blissfully comfortable in your own skin. And from that vantage point, in the words of Franz Kafka, ‘the world will freely offer itself to you. It will roll in ecstasy at your feet.’”  – Ms. Bliss, reviewer at When Pen Met Paper

“I always hated all this stuff. Guys like me would never read a book or take a course called ‘Juicy Joy.’ I’d take one look and think you were just another one of those spacey New Age idiots. But you’re not. You’re so rock solid. Everything I throw at you—you know how to make me see it differently. What you do here is honestly impressive. I’m blown away.” — Butch Baeli,  student of Juicy Joy

“I came to read Juicy Joy by chance, and was so glad I did. I was in a bit of a slump and trying to transition to a new place. This book was just what I needed. I read the book and attended a conference sponsored by Lisa, and without exaggeration my life started to become better. I recognized the joy in my life, focused on what I wanted, and as the months went on my head was clearer, my life more organized and my relationships all the better. Yes, it did happen and I believe that Lisa McCourt and her book had a great deal to do with the transition. Juicy Joy was a pleasure to read and the outcomes for me are full of joy…”  — Lisa Schwartz

“To read Juicy Joy by Lisa McCourt is to take a journey into the self; witness and lay claim to the spectacular scenery contained therein, and emerge on the other side with a passion for and commitment to living a life based on radical authenticity, deep self-love and blissful co-creation. Juicy Joy dives head first into the multi-faceted world of self discovery, providing readers with concrete examples and real tools to get the work done. Juicy Joy is like drinking coffee with your best friend- who has just cracked the code to living a life of joy- and is sharing her discovery with you bit by juicy bit. Juicy Joy is an individual call to action that illustrates the how only through extraordinary self-knowledge and self love can we create a more loving collective reality. When we recognize the stamp of love on all that is contained within our physical world, we see the signature of the Divine. We feel the true essence of ourselves and one another, and we hear a life of Juicy Joy knocking at our door.”  — Holly Valley

“The last few weeks have been quite the roller coaster ride for me. Since getting Juicy Joy, I have been diligently practicing the Juicy Feels multiple times daily. Shortly after applying these, I started having spots where I would find myself crying for no apparent reason. I knew I was not depressed, so it was strange. It felt almost as if I was grieving, but I had not recently experienced anything to cause grief, no loss, etc.  Then I got to the point in Juicy Joy of the ‘Muck’ and I realized I had been actually begun dealing with the negative things I had buried deep for so long, they were already beginning to bubble to the surface. The exercise helped me to truly cleanse and deal, accept, and let go and the crying has stopped, replaced with a truly all the way down deep feeling of lightness and real happiness.  It is a wonderfully marvelous feeling!  Thank you, Lisa, for Juicy Joy!” — Michelle, Juicy Joy Community Member

“I started this book a week ago, & I honestly did not realize how life-changing it would be. I have had so many breakthroughs in one little week!” — Beck, Juicy Joy Community Member

“I recently attended Lisa McCourt’s workshop, and I must say, it was honestly the best workshop that I ever attended. First, she presented fascinating information. Seriously. But, even more importantly, she drew on our personal experiences with exercises and an interactive format, making this so rewarding and memorable. And, Lisa just has a way of connecting with the audience … her energy, her smile, her passion about the subject … I was blown away. It was completely inspiring and really made me enthusiastic about what’s next in life. Cannot thank her enough! So excited!” — Jennifer Thornton, Self-Talk Coach

“Lisa McCourt’s Juicy Joy Workshop changed my life. I see everything through a different filter now. I understand how I create my reality and I’ve learned to accept everything that comes my way, along with whatever feelings come up as a result of it. Being more in touch with my feelings from the observer perspective has allowed me to let the feelings flow through me instead of getting stuck in my body where they would just create more unwanted experiences. I feel ‘lighter’ as a result of Lisa’s workshop, and feel that I have become a beacon for amazing experiences. I am living a more juicy, joyful life!” —  Dr. Aimee Dispoto, Psychologist


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