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 Juicy Joy Newsletter
August 2010
from the introduction to
Juicy Joy - 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self

"What do you want?" Sarah asks me. A garlic-infused breeze kicks up the palm fronds beside our table at our favorite neighborhood bistro. Her kids and my kids - all smart, sweet and beautiful - chase one another around the plaza fountain. Sarah gets up to bring them wishing coins.

What do I want?

I want more. I want to crash out of this invisible armor I'm trapped in - to tear away the shackles and freefall, delirious and wild. I want to plummet naked into a velvet ocean at midnight and roll in the ecstasy of the waves. I want to peel back my layers and hold my raw wounds up to the sun for healing.

I want to slice through these suffocating wrappings and grab onto CORE ME - whoever that is - and never let her go; make her into the real me, the only me, for some to love and some not to love .. . and I want to not so painfully care who does and who doesn't.

I want to feel, taste, devour it all - no filters, no censors, no gatekeeper telling me what is rightfully mine to take and what isn't. I want rapture at the top of a mountain under a full moon. I want to absorb me, embrace me, the light and the dark, the glorious and the hideous, and cherish it all and laugh at it all forever.

Sarah's back. "So what do you want?" she asks.

What do I want? "Caprese salad and a cup of pasta fagioul."

We close our menus and clink our chiantis as my daughter crawls, sweaty and precious, into my lap.

I eventually did tell my friend what I truly wanted . . . five years later on another balmy evening at that same table. It took me that long to develop any sort of sense that I deserved to have such desires, and to dream of fulfilling them. It took five years of bittersweet climbing - sometimes clawing - deeper and deeper into truths I had never allowed myself to glimpse. Truths that tugged at me like a feverish itch, just under the skin, so close and ever-present, yet so ephemeral, so elusive when I chased them.

This is the story of my journey, but more than that. It's a guide to accessing your own Juicy Joy. A direct, streamlined path you can follow, in case you're wanting free of your armor, too. Come with me. We'll start right here and end up on that mountaintop. You in?
hello, juicy ones! 
I'd love to give you tips, meditations, and exercises to help you find your Juicy Joy and there are so many ways that could happen!  Here are a few: 
You could "like" the new Facebook Fanpage for Juicy Joy Book,
OR, follow my new blog on Twitter at JuicyJoyBook, or at this link:  
OR, if you'd like to read more of the introduction to Juicy Joy - 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self right now, as well as a brief overview of each of the 7 Steps, just click the link below.  I'd love to hear what you think so please send me any comments, suggestions or glowing praise! In the coming months I'll be sharing lots of tips and exercises directly in this newsletter, so feel free to send the link to anyone who could use some Juicy Joy.
about lisa
Lisa McCourt's passion for aligning people with their best selves began in 1997 with the publication of I Love You, Stinky Face - the first of her many books designed to assist parents in expressing unbridled, unconditional love for their kids. With over five million books sold since then, Lisa is overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunities she's had to create joy and expansion in people's lives. In 2010 - 2011, two new additions to the Stinky Face line will join Lisa's roster of 34 titles, including two non-fiction parenting books endorsed by Jack Canfield who said, "Reading this may be the greatest gift you give your child." Her books have been translated into eleven languages, been featured on PBS's Between the Lions, won seven publishing awards, received starred reviews in PW and SLJ, and garnered praise from over 200 reviewers. A lifelong student and teacher of personal development tools, Lisa has appeared on CNN's Showbiz Today and is currently giving her Juicy Joy workshops all over the country while working on her first feature film and co-hosting the reality TV talk show, It's Your Life.
for south floridians
Get JUICY with us on Saturdays at Apropo Kafe!  I have fabulous surprise guests lined up for each of the remaining workshops in this fun series where we're exploring the Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self.  Apropo Kafe is a funky, friendly Mediterranean Grill in East Boca, just off Federal Highway.  You'll love the atmosphere, the impressive wine & beer selection, and the yummy foods that are all natural and organic and freshly prepared.  For more information and directions:   
address:  147 SE First Ave.
phone: (561) 393-1223
3:00 - 5:00, August 28st  at Apropo Kafe -- $10.00

3:00 - 5:00, September 4st  at Apropo Kafe -- $10.00

3:00 - 5:00, September 11st  at Apropo Kafe -- $10.00

(please note that there will be no workshop on September 18th)

3:00 - 5:00, September 25st  at Apropo Kafe -- $10.00


PLEASE RSVP SO I CAN PLAN ACCORDINGLY, and feel free to invite others!

about the workshops
Learn how to LIVE your JUICY JOY!  Come with me on a spelunking expedition into those hidden nooks and crannies you've kept sealed away until now and discover how shining light on our hidden parts enables us to connect with and live as our most authentic selves. Through powerful exercises and meditations, a Juicy Joy workshop or presentation will bring you to new levels of acceptance and self-love!
What they're saying:
I recently attended Lisa McCourt's workshop, and I must say, it was honestly the best workshop that I ever attended. First, she presented fascinating information. Seriously. But, even more importantly, she drew on our personal experiences with exercises and an interactive format, making this so rewarding and memorable. And, Lisa just has a way of connecting with the audience ... her energy, her smile, her passion about the subject ... I was blown away. It was completely inspiring and really made me enthusiastic about what's next in life. Cannot thank her enough! So excited! -- Jennifer Thornton

Lisa McCourt has a gracious, lively, fun and captivating energy. You could enjoy anything that she has to offer because of the way she presents herself and whatever she has to share. She has done her homework in the spiritual field studying with many well-known teachers. Her spirit, her genuine heart and her form of expression is well enjoyed! She is someone who you would like to meet again and again. -- MaryRose Villanova

Lisa McCourt's Juicy Joy Workshop changed my life. I see everything through a different filter now. I understand how I create my reality and I've learned to accept everything that comes my way, along with whatever feelings come up as a result of it. Being more in touch with my feelings from the observer perspective has allowed me to let the feelings flow through me instead of getting stuck in my body where they would just create more unwanted experiences. I feel "lighter" as a result of Lisa's workshop, and feel that I have become a beacon for amazing experiences. I am living a more juicy, joyful life! -- Aimee Dispoto 

Lisa McCourt is amazing.  Everything she does and says comes directly from her heart and soul.  -- Deborah Paiva

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